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Smoking has gone down in the UK over the past 10 years. With the introduction of the smoking ban, this has further made smoking more of a taboo subject. So let’s say you’ve decided to quit smoking to improve your health. Where do you start?  It is possible but isn’t the easiest. By implementing a plan you can keep track of what’s going on and by doing this there’s a better chance that you’ll quit the habit for good.  Let’s check out the various strategies that you can use to stop smoking.

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Going Cold Turkey

This means quitting all on your own. It is a popular way to quit but only around 10% of people are able to go smoke free for good. By using other methods such as health professionals, tobacco substitutes and other ways might be better.

Quit smoking with the help of health professionals 

By using medical professionals they can help you get to the route of why you smoke and the reasons to why you started. It’s a method that does help millions.  If you can find out why emotionally you smoke, it can set the foundation for you to quit for good.

Use Laser Therapy

This is a relatively new method to quit smoking. It is popular and continues to be so. Using laser therapy could be the one that stops you smoking. There’s  laser therapy in Glasgow, Manchester and elsewhere.

Replacement nicotine products

Using gum or patches are another way to help you quit smoking.  Using these ways you’re able to get the nicotine you crave without smoking tobacco.

A Combo

By using the support of family members and smoking products might help you quit rather than using one of the methods on their own. It might be laser therapy and support from family. Take your time to decide which option best fits you.

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