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If you’re in Scotland, you know that we’re passionate for sport.  We have some of the best sports stars in Europe and we feel this is down to having some of the best scenery around in order to produce some fantastic athletes.  Whether that’s Andy Murray, Ally McCoist or Chris Hoy, we’ve produced some of the best stars around with passion and heart.

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Take Glasgow for example, it’s a city that lives for football and sport in general. Look at the Commonwealth Games that took place in the city in 2015. It’s a city that has not only been able to host events but produce great sports stars as previously mentioned.

Many sports were actually invented in Scotland. Whether that’s rugby, hockey or golf. Some think football started here too but it didn’t, England has that win. However, the city of Glasgow hosted the first ever International between Scotland and England. The city is also home to the more fierce rivalry in football too.

Scotland also has some of the best fans in the world.  For their support, openness and the general support they give to their team no matter the score. If you’re looking for football memorabilia in Glasgow, you can get loads of Scotland products too.

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