UK Nightlife – Glasgow

You’re moving to the UK. It might be permanent or you might just be here for a holiday. You might be in town for a few nights but where do you go? Take Glasgow for example. You’re looking for good bars that know how to serve good drinks. The people around the UK sample booze differently. In Glasgow many choose Buckfast.

Glasgow is one of the cities that is unique. We’re honest from the outset.  Its one of the friendliest cities in the UK. Not every city is like this.

The place is where designers, artists and people of the digital age can flourish, it has worked so hard over the past few decades to regenerate itself from its industrial past.

Looking at venues in the city like Subclub, Glasgow School of Art, these are fantastic clubs to visit while in town.

You could in a grimy low ceiling club one minute then you would be sipping cocktails in the west end 20 minutes later.

The UK is quite a safe place for a night out.  Even the Scottish Security at clubs are friendly and will always be on hand to help. Don’t get blackout drunk and cause hassle though.




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