Whats Your Ideal Office For A UK Business?

So you’re starting your first business.  You may be moving for various reasons. To a better location, or to a larger premises.  You need to think about the type of office you’re wanting to set up. There’s two option types out there, the open or closed office.

This can be tricky as you need to think about the type of office you’re wanting to choose. What will offer you the best route to achieve higher profits and produce the best working environment for your staff.  There are pros and cons to both types. With this said, let’s look at the factors that can affect setting up the office in terms of communication, privacy and the cost of setting up.

Office  Cost

It can dramatic, the cost of setting up an office. With an open office, it can be more cost-effective than the other option. It’s cheaper to keep warm during the cold winter months and keep cool during summer. You can change the layout easily too while a closed office design will cost considerably to change up.  Changing the layout is much quicker with this type of office as there are no walls etc. Rent can be cheaper as you can fit more staff into a smaller space.

The Privacy Aspect

Directors and MD’s who like to deal with business in private prefer the closed office space as it offers more privacy. You might be dealing with a new client,  finances of the business or a disciplinary hearing and these situations are often best dealt with behind closed doors. You can get on with business matters without anyone else hearing your conversations. You can talk freely this way without other staff having their opinion by just walking by.  If you’re dealing with HR Issues its good for this option too.










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